Void - before the beginning there is void

V()id – before the beginning there is V()id…

V()od is een set van 5 tracks
variations and orchestration by ferrie = differentieel, the Netherlands

V()id1 – 01:38

2012 ferrie = differentieel Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0

V()id2A – 06:02

V()id2B – 04:18

V()id is similar to void. Void is unoccupied, an empty space.

V()id3 – 03:20

V()id – before the beginning there is V()id…

V()id4 – 03:56

V()id is beschikbaar als video- en filmmuziek is zowel stereo als in surround 5+1


Composition (1977) Luis Rojas, Argentina copyleft
midi sequences Luis Rojas
variatie ferrie = differentieel
Poem by Jimmy ThePeach, USA
Art ‘Sin título’ by Laura García Vazquez, Argentina


5 februari 2013