een overzicht van de componisten waarvan werk werd bewerkt

een overzicht van de componisten waarvan ik werk heb bewerkt, de zogenoemde variaties op – die variaties geven aan waar het pseudoniem ‘differentieel’ voor staat: variatie.


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Componist Originele titel Mijn titel Jaar
Nobuyoshi Tanaka Kyrie Ontferm U! 2016
Manuel María Ponce Valse Klein Walsje 2016
Olivier Messiaen Mode de Valeurs et d’Intensites Mode de Valeurs et d’Intensites 2016
Steven Kudlo Imagination Imagination 2016
Charles Ives The Unanswered Question The Unanswered Question 2016
Gao Ping Night Alley Night Alley 2016
Luis Rojas The Sound of Voices The Cemetery 2016
Claude Debussy Reflets dans l’eau Reflections in the Water 2016
Hans Jacobi A rest home for cows Old Friends Out Of Pasture 2016
Hans Jacobi Black horses trotting below a slow turning galaxy Black Horses 2016
Hans Jacobi Epiphany Epiphany – In memory of Pierre Boulez 2016
Hans Jacobi Brass Salute for a Transmigration Brass Salute for a Transmigration 2015
Steven Beall Thornbirds Suite Thornbirds Suite – 3 delen 2016
Steven Kudlo Demons of the Misty Call Steve’s Demons 2015
ferrie = differentieel The Big Hunt 2011
ferrie = differentieel Apodictische Confusie – Genummerde Chaos 2011
ferrie = differentieel - Driving West – Audio Gedicht – Jimmy ThePeach 2016
ferrie = differentieel - Let's Dance – a tribute to David 2016
ferrie = differentieel La Naïveté 2008
ferrie = differentieel le recrue 2008
ferrie = differentieel l’ entraînement 2008
ferrie = differentieel le conflit 2008
ferrie = differentieel la mort 2008
ferrie = differentieel l’heroïque 2008
ferrie = differentieel Crushed Stratocaster 2015
ferrie = differentieel Hoge Hakken – Recycled Sound 2015
ferrie = differentieel It’s My Cell Phone – Muziek voor Film 2013
ferrie = differentieel Viola – A Miscalculated Ambient 2015
ferrie = differentieel Steinway Stampede – soundscape 2015
ferrie = differentieel Zeegezicht – Seascape – noise / ambient 2016
ferrie = differentieel Browny’s Winter – OST 2011
ferrie = differentieel Dutch Summer Night OST 2011
ferrie = differentieel The Ice Song (1) 2011
ferrie = differentieel Skebilkops Preps 2011
ferrie = differentieel Make Sweet Noise 2012
ferrie = differentieel Metronome Society Concertina disquiet0269 – Jazz 2017
ferrie = differentieel Koos koos in Vijf 2017
ferrie = differentieel ASK NOT 2017
ferrie = differentieel The Ice Song 2012
ferrie = differentieel Absurd Iron Legs 2012
ferrie = differentieel Someone’s Calling 2012
Karlheinz Stockhausen Sagatarius Creamy Sagit 2008
Erik Satie Premier Gymnopédie Premier Gymnopédie 2008
Erik Satie Deuxiéme Gymnopédie Deuxiéme Gymnopédie 2008
Erik Satie Troisième Gymnopédie Troisième Gymnopédie 2008
Erik Satie Gnossiennes en Sarabandes REWORKED SATIE – 9 tracks 2009
Gabriel Fauré Apres un Reve (1) Ritsa PS 2009
Erik Satie Ogive #1 Ogive #1 2009
Richard Tollenaar Fussy Logic Fussy Logic 2010
Enigma Return of Innocence (Jubilant Drinking Song) Forest Two – Return of Innocence 2010
Henry Purcell Verse in F Verse in F 2016
Henry Purcell When I am laid When I am laid – PS 6 2010
Henry Purcell Strike the viol Strike the Drums in a free way 2011
Henry Purcell Strike the Viol Strike the Cello 2012
Henry Purcell A New ground A New Ground 2013
Henry Newbury Melancholy Melancholy Afternoon 2012
Frederic Anthony Rzewski Chain of Thought Chain of Thought 2010
Frederic Anthony Rzewski Mollitude Mollitude – the Steam Engine arrives 2010
Frederick Anthony Rzewski No Place To Go But Around *1 – Radio Interference *2 – 3ESecundo *3 – Strings to Nowhere 2011
Frederic Anthony Rzewski No Place To Go But Around *1 – 3ETerzetto *2 – 3E Quartet 2012
Philip Glass The Opening Frost Soundtrack 2017
Philip Glass Not So Minimal 2010
Philip Glass Mad Rush Mad Rush(1) 2010
Philip Glass Big Ego 2 Big Ego 2 – minimal can grow 2011
Philip Glass Metamorphosis 1 Metamorphosis 1 2012
Philip Glass Metamorphosis 2 Metamorphosis 2 2012
Philip Glass Metamorphosis 4 Metamorphosis 4 2012
Philip Glass Mad Rush Mad Rush Movement(2) 2012
Philip Glass The Opening The Opening (3 variaties) 2012
Philip Glass Lasoldogui Lasoldogui – Count to Eight 2013
Philip Glass Music in Similar Motion Music in Similar Motion 2013
Philip Glass Dance VIII Dance VIII 2012
Philip Glass Metamorphosis 3 Metamorphosis 3 2012
Philip Glass Domilagui Domilagui Shabala 2013
Philip Glass The Needle – from Monsters of Grace, Scene II Deep Down a Needle 2014
Jules Massenet Meditation Thaïs Dreamclouds – Meet The Swarm 2010
Ludwig von Beethoven pianosonate nr. 14 in cis mineur opus 27 nr. 2 Moonlight Sonata 2010
Louis Vierne Pièces des Fantaisie pour orgue – Suite IV – Opus 55 #3 Medusa 2010
Abba Happy New Year All Ghosts To Hell – Happy New Year 2011
Jorge Franganillo Opus 20′ #1 Opus 20 P01 – in harmonium 2011
Jorge Franganillo Opus 20′ #2 Opus 20 P02 – relaxed 2011
Jorge Franganillo Opus 20′ #3 Opus 20 P03 – ring the bell 2011
Jorge Franganillo Opus 20′ #4 Opus 20 P04 – almost Chinese 2011
Jorge Franganillo Opus 20′ #5 Opus 20 – the farewell 2011
Jorge Franganillo Opus 23 Need the Sun 2011
Jorge Franganillo The Unimaginable 1918VAPTU 2013
George Gerswin Walking the Dog Walking the Dog 2011
Steve Reich Piano Phase Misty Too 2011
Olivier Messiaen Premier Communion Superficie Ondulada 2011
Olivier Messiaen Le Banquet Celeste Le Banquet Celeste 2013
Louis Vierne Pièces des Fantaisie pour orgue – Suite IV – Opus 55 #3 Medusa Excerpt OST 2011
César Frank Prélude – Variation and Fugue – Op. 18 Procession 2011
César Frank Sonata in A major for Violin and Piano Runtime 2011
Henry Newbury Stars and all that Stars and all that 2014
Henry Newbury Tiredness Tiredness three 2012
Henry Newbury Maybe A Goodbye Will Come Maybe A Goodbye Will Come 2013
Sir Paul McCartney Blackbird Blackbird 2012
Francis Poulenc O Magnum Mysterium O Magnum Mysterium 2012
Gijs Gieskes Gramo-Noise Gramo-Noise 2012
Arvo Pärt Beatitudes Beatitudes 2012
Giovanni Pergolesi 3 Deposuit potentes Remarkable Concoction 2012
Steve Reich Music for 18 Musicians Music for 18 Musicians 2012
Maurice Ravel Ondine Ondine 2012
Maurice Ravel R2 – Valses Nobles et Sentimentales R2 2012
Maurice Ravel Jeux d'eau Jeux d'eau 2012
Maurice Ravel Pavane de la Belle au bois dormant Doornroosje 2013
Onbekend jazz traditonal Dreamy Sleeper 2012
Niclas Fogwall 900922 900922 2012
Franz Schubert Der Tod und das Madchen Der Tod und das Madchen 2012
Gabriel Fauré Apres un Reve Apres un Reve 2 2013
Luis Rojas V()id V()id – before the beginning there is V()id… 2012
Luis Rojas La habitación de Philip en Baltimore soundtrack Back in Mind 2013
Luis Rojas M2 M2-4Tense 2013
Claude Debussy Voiles Voiles 2013
Claude Debussy La Puerta del Vino La Puerta del Vino 2013
Claude Debussy La Cathédrale engloutie La Cathédrale engloutie 2013
Claude Debussy Feuilles mortes Feuilles mortes for Brass 2013
Claude Debussy La fille aux cheveux de lin La fille aux cheveux de lin for brass 2013
Claude Debussy Des pas sur la neige Des pas sur la neige for Brass 2013
Claude Debussy Minstrels Minstrels for Brass 2013
Claude Debussy Passepied Passepied 2013
Claude Debussy Brouillards Brouillards (Mist) 2013
Moritz Moszkowski La Jongleuse La Jongleuse 2013
Gioacchino Rossini Petit Messe Solonnelle #1 Kyrie – Can You Hear Me? 2013
Claude Debussy The Girl with the Flaxen Hair The Girl with the Flaxen Hair 2013
Allan J. Cronin Prelude and Double Fugue on a Theme of Bach Glass meets Bach in 2 rooms 2013
Luis Rojas Música para LR en el CCB 1 Música para LR en el CCB 1 2013
Henry Purcell Golden Sonata P4 Golden Sonata deel 4 2013
César Franck Fantaisie in C Major She Showed Her True Colors 2013
Arnold Schönberg nun dampf die damm’rung jeden ton Red Head 2014
Arvo Pärt Spiegel im Spiegel Spiegel im Spiegel 2014
Alessandro Simonetto String Trio in g minor – Ciaccona Fuga in G Minor 2014
Arvo Pärt Fur Alina Fur Alina – variatie 2014
ferrie = differentieel GolSon Granular – noise 2014
José Oscar De Almeida Marques Xote Xote 2014
José Oscar De Almeida Marques Waltz 16b Waltz 16b 2014
Olivier Messiaen Diptyque Vladimir is not going to Heaven 2014
John Adams China Gates Tribute to the Trees 2014
Joshua Dowling Cradle Variations Cradle Variation #3 2014
Tales Botechia Dueto Para Violino E Piano Dueto Para Violino E Piano 2014
Eduardo Viñuela Transfigured Vision V Transfigured Vision V 2014
Anne Ku Ostinatrio Ostinatrio Secundo 2014
Hans Jacobi Jésus, au nom saint et doux The Saint And The Sweet 2014
Tales Botechia Adagietto for Strings Adagietto for Strings 2014
Hans Jacobi The Fascinating Chill that Music Leaves The Fascinating Chill 2014
Jan-Willem van Ree Cantate secundum Psalmum C – 1. Prélude Prélude – De Opening 2014
Hans Jacobi A Fruit Fly A Fruit Fly 2014
Hans Jacobi Volta – Music for a dance Volta 2015
Henry Newbury Theory Theory – Romantic Pop Song 2015
Hans Jacobi Like a drop of milk Like a Drop of Milk 2015
Camille Saint-Saëns Calme des Nuits Calme des Nuits 2015
José Oscar De Almeida Marques Old Stones Old Stones 2015
Henry Newbury All I Want Henry's Tune 2015
ferrie=differentieel A Short Walk is a Journey towards Stillness 2015
Hans Jacobi Simple Prelude on a Foggy Day A Foggy Day 2015
Thelonious Monk - MONK – a tribute to Thelonious Monk 2015
Hans Jacobi Template Pietà Rondo Quadra 2015
ferrie = differentieel The Viola in My Life Viola 2015
ferrie = differentieel Viola Viola Soundtrack 2015
Hans Jacobi Canzona Canzona 02 2015
Jean Françaix Divertissement Divertissement – 4 delen van vermaak – Modern Klassiek 2015
Edward William Elgar Symphony No1 Seascape 2015
ferrie = differentieel In The Hallway 2015
Jan-Willem van Ree Atomium Atomium 2015

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